06 May 2018

Eco-scout camp held in Shirvan National Park

On 5-6 May 2018, IDEA and Association of Scouts of Azerbaijan (ASA) held an Eco-scout camp in Shirvan National Park.


Organized as part of IDEA’s Eco-scout program, the camp aimed to install lifelong interest in stewardship and environmental ethics in young people, informing them about the rich nature of Azerbaijan and promoting sustainable use of natural resources.


The camp gathered 60 young people, aged 18-30, who are pursuing environmental field studies or have experience in related fields.


During the camp, selected participants toured the national park and learned about the park's main activity focused on the protection and reproduction of the Goitered gazelle, waterfowl birds and plant biotypes. Hiking to the Bandovan mud volcano and watching gazelles in the park gave campers the best adventure.


Coinciding with the International Migratory Bird Day, birdwatching tour was also organized at Gizilgaz lake – the main and important habitat for 230 migratory and resident bird types in the park.


Moreover, various environmental trainings, games and competitions, hiking and parkour games were organized during the two-day camp.


The campers also engaged in the cleanup action around the camp area.




IDEA Eco-scout project was launched in March of 2017. The project is a great opportunity for young people to engage in environmental issues, find solutions to the most pressing challenges that threaten our planet and become a leader of this environmental movement.


Aiming to spread environmental awareness and promote responsible treatment of the environment, the Eco-scout camp is planned to take place in other national parks of the country as well.

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