23 September 2017

The Ecological Laboratory for Children – September 2017

The September session of the eco-lab project focused on teaching 6 to 11 year-old children everything about energy.


In the course of the session, the young environmentalists were informed about various forms of energy. By engaging in the experiment with balloons and sheets of paper the kids observed the power of static electricity and by using lemons they learned how chemical energy is converted into electrical. Further, they discussed types of electric appliances in their homes, how they work and how they are supposed to be used in order to save electricity. At the end of the session, children enjoyed flying kites to understand the basics of wind energy.


Apart from being a day full of fun and learning, the session has been a great contribution to children’s knowledge about the concept of responsibility and the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) from young age.




The Ecological Laboratory is a monthly training session jointly launched by IDEA and Sevimli Bala kids club, providing opportunities and resources to extend the children’s knowledge and awareness of the environment.


To bring your kids to one of the sessions organized in Baku and Ganja please contact IDEA (Baku: 497-63-16; Ganja: 022-264-0148).

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