09 February 2020

Ecological Laboratory for Kids – February session

On 8 February 2020, IDEA and Sevimli Bala kids club held their next training session within the Ecological Laboratory for Kids program.


During the session, devoted to the theme of climate change and global warming, the young environmentalists learned about the causes and consequences of the global crisis and engaged in various lab experiments to help them better understand carbon dioxide levels, sea level rise, global temperature and more. At the end of the session, kids created postcards from their handprint cutouts and filled them with their wishes and pledges to protect nature and wildlife.


Apart from being a fun-filled experience, the session has played a great role in conveying young children the importance of protecting our planet.



The Eco Laboratory for Kids is a program jointly carried out by IDEA and Sevimli Bala Club to educate children (aged 6 to 11) about the natural world, with a view to nurture a sense of responsibility towards the environment in kids from the early ages. Sessions are organized in IDEA’s resource centers in Baku and Ganja on a monthly basis, and consist of theoretical and practical learning on various environmental themes and feature various lab experiments, quizzes and exciting games.


Information on the session dates is regularly published on IDEA and Sevimli Bala’s social media pages. Registration of kids is taken online and by phone at 012 497-63-16.

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