25 January 2018

Eco-scout: New Member Meet & Greet – January meeting

IDEA continues to recruit young people to join its Eco-scout program and engage in environmental activities. Another ‘meet and greet’ session with 30 new members of the club was held on 25th January at IDEA’s Resource Center located in Zire Cultural Center.


The Eco-Scout Club was launched in 2017 with the aim of inspiring young people to become stewards of the environment, promoting conservation of the earth’s natural resources, raising public awareness and bringing about societal involvement. The program currently has nearly 150 eco-scout members.


The project is a great opportunity for young people to engage in environmental issues, find solutions to the most pressing challenges that threaten our planet and become a leader of this environmental movement.


At the ‘meet and greet’ session, the new members were given information about the projects, commitment to the aims and purposes of eco-scouting, as well as the terms and conditions for participation.


Each participant of the program receives a membership card used to collect points as well as an eco-scout badge, hat and backpack. Upon joining the club, a member gets the title of "Young Environmentalist" and subsequently upgrades to a higher status with more points he or she earns. Eco-scout points are earned by completing a range of environmental activities.


At the end of the meeting the new eco-scouts lined up and recited the Eco-scout oath.


For more information on the Eco-scout project, registration and guidelines: http://www.ideacampaign.org/ecoscout/, Tel: +994 012 497 6316

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