16 June 2020

Exemplary public beach unveiled in Baku

On June 16th, at the initiative of Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and IDEA founder Leyla Aliyeva, a new 5-hectar public beach unveiled in Shikhov. The event coincided with the official start of the beach season in Azerbaijan.


Established a year before, the beach has undergone greater improvement with the following amenities and infrastructure: lifeguard unit of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, kiosks offering food and cold beverages, numerous sun shaders, gazebos and loungers, changing rooms, outdoor showers, restrooms, football and volleyball sets, waste bins and a parking lot. Additionally, a concrete road leading to the beach has been laid in the area.


In accordance with quarantine requirements, disease prevention measures have been taken: disinfection carried out, seating and sun-loungers separated with ropes to cordon off areas for social distancing, sanitizer dispensers, as well as various COVID safety signages and banners placed at the beach.


During the opening event of the new beach, obeying the quarantine regulations, a small cleanup activity was held by the 10 volunteers of IDEA.


It should be noted that entrance to public beaches established by IDEA is completely free of charge. The goal of creating beach areas like this one is to keep shorelines clean, promote environmental and social responsibility, improve public health and sanitation, while providing comfort to beachgoers and maintaining the natural beauty of the region’s beaches.


Together with its local and international partners, IDEA regularly conducts projects and activities, including beach cleanups at the Caspian Sea, Kura and other rivers, aiming to protect and improve the water resources of Azerbaijan and its regions.


IDEA encourages everyone to visit and enjoy the beach, while ensuring to follow the hygiene and social distancing rules throughout the quarantine period, as well as paying attention to the cleanliness of marine environment by not leaving the waste on the beach.

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