11 March 2016

IDEA Public Union holds the first session of its Green Conversation Club

Continuing its mission as an organization that implements large-scale projects aimed at drawing youth’s interest to ecological issues and engaging them in environmental protection, IDEA Public Union has held the first session of its Green Conversation Club in 2016.


The meeting took place on March 10th at the Resource Center located at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Around 30 participants attended the first session of the Club.


Young participants of the 1-hour event engaged in an interactive discussion on a range of environmental issues, watched a short clip about nature and shared their views and interpretations about the film.


IDEA Public Union launched its Green Conversation Club in 2012 with a view to increase youth’s knowledge of environmental issues and improve their English language skills. From the very outset the Green Conversation Club was a place, where students studying the environment and sustainable development as well as young experts could freely communicate in English.


Due to substantial interest of participants, the Club’s sessions will be held on monthly basis.


We invite everyone interested in gaining knowledge in both ecology and the English language to join the Green Conversation Club, each session of which will focus on a specific environmental issue. Information about meetings will be regularly made available through IDEA’s online resources (www.ideacampaign.org,  www.instagram.com/idea_public_union  and https://www.facebook.com/ideacampaign.org).

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