17 November 2012

Green Week Baku hosts 3rd meeting of European Environment and Health ministerial board


The meeting was attended by Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder of IDEA Mrs. Leyla Aliyeva. Addressing the meeting, she first of all welcomed all the participants of the" Green Week "in our country.\


"In recent years, Azerbaijan has become a place of global forums for discussing issues of international importance. Our efforts in environmental issues reflect our thoughts and position as one of the regional and international leaders in the way of green development.


Within 'Green Week', the International Youth Forum, round tables on 'Environmental Diplomacy Course', 'green economy' as well as for the first time outside of the Western European region, the Regional Consultation Meeting have been held in Azerbaijan".


According to her, Azerbaijan has become the first country in Eastern Europe to undertake the study of "green economy" and to complete this work.


"Therefore, providing a platform for the development of environmental sustainability, 'green economy', environmental health and environmental education has become a symbolic event for Azerbaijan. Our educational project 'IDEA - In the name of green Azerbaijan' is aimed at informing the public about the environment, increase their theoretical and practical knowledge in this field. In over 20 cities and different regions of Azerbaijan, trainers of the project taught 8,000
pupils how to behave so as not to harm the environment," the founder of IDEA noted.


According to Mrs. Aliyeva, the main goal of humanity should be to ensure the development of living conditions for current and future generations.


Mrs. Leyla Aliyeva noted that for dialogue, education, leadership and collaboration among young people, not only in Azerbaijan, but in the whole world, we have established a connection with environmental groups from around the world.

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