25 April 2016

IDEA on Earth Day – together with youth

On 22 April 2016, IDEA Public Union held a training event dedicated to Earth Day.


About 40 young people studying or working in the areas of environment, ecology and sustainable development took part in the training session held at IDEA’s Resource Center located in the Zira Cultural Center.


The theoretical part of the two-part training session focused on guidelines for planting trees, shrubs and various flowers, grafting and pruning of trees, correct ways of watering plants in accordance with their type, as well as plant fertilization and caring process. The theoretical part of the session was concluded with a question and answer session on the topic.


During the practical part of the training, a tour of the Zira Cultural Center’s eco park and bird park was organized. Later, the young participants of the event engaged in the planting of trees and flowers as well as other gardening activities on the territory of the Zira Cultural Center.


The Zira Cultural Center Eco Park was opened on 30 December 2015. It was built according to a special project on a total area of 6000 square meters. Along with the IDEA Resource Center, the Zira Cultural Center holds the Zira Carpet Museum, an electronic library, foreign language room, chess room, fashion studio, 3D cinema, gymnastics hall, Orchid House, etc.


The training session enjoyed great interest among the participants and contributed to their knowledge of the planting and gardening process.


IDEA regularly organizes trainings, seminars, viewings of films about nature, conversation clubs and courses for young people that study ecology and sustainable development with a view to deepen their knowledge of the environment, help them focus on solving environmental problems and offer them experts’ views on these issues.


Announcements of events are circulated through IDEA’s internet resources (www.ideacampaign.az, www.facebook.com/ideacampaign and http://instagram.com/idea_public_union).


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