01 April 2018

International Bird Day


1 April is celebrating as international bird’s day. International Convention signed in accordance with protection of birds on 1 April 1906 year. B.V.Vsesvyatskiy and P.P Smolin were initiators of this day and they were organized which carried out first time in the world. Festival is celebrating since 1918 year.


65 thousand people had presence from 250 circles of youth natural, and it is carrying out widely from 1927. 15182 artificial birds nest and fodder trough has hanged in gardens parks in the same days. There has more from 100 thousand birds sort in the world in accordance with international statistics. From this 40 % is the sitting sort and they is being in Azerbaijan forever, 27 % birds sort to winter in Azerbaijan, and more from 10% is noting in during a camp of nomads.


In all Eurasia One of the great migrate road is crossing in Azerbaijan territory.Millions of birds are migrating from the Eastern Europe and western Siberia to the South and to eastern Africa, to the South-western Asia and contrary.


36 sort of bird entered to the `Red Book` of Azerbaijan which lives in our country. 23 sort of birds has entered to the `World Red Book` from Azerbaijan Ornithofauna.

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