13 October 2018

International Day for Disaster Reduction


Considering the serious impact of natural disasters over the world economy, particularly of the developing countries, the United Nations observed the nineties (1990-99) as the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR). The objective of the decade was to focus on international initiatives for reducing the occurrence and minimising of adverse impact of natural calamities. The second Wednesday of every October during the decade was also observed as the World Disaster Reduction Day on a chosen theme. As a part of the worldwide efforts, India also participated in the activities aimed at reducing the impact of natural disasters during the nineties.


Keeping in mind the size of our country and its vulnerability to many natural disasters, it is necessary to maintain the tempo of activities initiated during the nineties to minimize the impact of natural disasters. This should be done through vigorous implementation of disaster reduction programmes involving agencies in the governmental, non-governmental sector, private sector and the communities at large.


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