07 May 2020

New project launched to protect water resources

On 7 May 2020, a major new project to protect and improve the internal water resources of Azerbaijan was launched at the initiative of Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and IDEA founder Leyla Aliyeva.


Conducted by IDEA and Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan, the project titled “Abundant Basins” oversees scheduled fish stocking events in the rivers and lakes to replenish the country’s fish populations with the help of public and private fish farms, cleanup activities to reduce the water pollution levels, as well as promotion of sustainable fishing.


The new project kicked off with the start of the spawning season, during which 10,000 trout fish (weighing 50-70 grams) were released into Nohurgishlag lake in Gabala district on May 7th.


As next activity of the project, cleanup campaign with local young people is planned to take place at the delta of the Kura River. During the campaign, the river and its banks will be cleaned of various household waste and abandoned synthetic fishing nets, responsible for trapping and killing the marine animals.


In recent decades, natural populations of salmon, sturgeon, and other endangered fish species have come to the brink of extinction as a result of human activities. In this regard, under the guidance of Ms. Leyla Aliyeva, a number of crucial initiatives are being implemented in order to protect and restore the aquatic fauna of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus region.


The launch of the project coincided with the start of a four-month long fishing moratorium in Azerbaijan, during which all fishers and the general public are called to comply with the prohibition and restrictions on fishing, thus helping to preserve the population of natural fish stocks in local waterways — as opposed to hatchery-raised stock — with the goal of ensuring that natural stocks can spawn and survive on their own. Fish farms that would like to support the project are asked to get in touch with IDEA at [email protected] or by calling 012 497 6316.


Let’s join together to protect and recover Azerbaijan’s precious water resources and its delicate ecosystems!

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