24 February 2017

Plastic and paper recycling program launched

On 23 February, IDEA Campaign along with the Ministry of Ecology and "Azersun" company launched a plastic and paper recycling project as part of the waste management program. The project encompasses the placement of recycle bins in all schools and higher education institutions of the capital.


As a pilot phase of the project, over 200 waste recycling containers were distributed in Baku State University, Academy of Public Administration, State Oil and Industrial University, University of Languages, Azerbaijan Technical University and State University of Economics.


The goal of the project is to enhance awareness on proper management of waste, engage students in recycling and protect the environment and natural resources. It also aims to build environmental sensitivity among young people, teach them about the benefits of waste reduction and encourage them to make responsible use of materials a part of their everyday life. 


Students, teachers and school staff should carefully follow the disposal instructions; green bins are for paper, and blue ones are for plastic bags and bottles. It is important that all your recycling is kept dry. Please ensure no wet paper or cardboard goes in the bin and that all your bottles are emptied first. If your recycling gets wet, the paper will become soggy and cannot be recycled.


Recognizing the importance of creating environmental consciousness about waste issues, IDEA has been implementing the "Let's turn papers into leaves" project since 2014. As a result of the project, over 600 tons of paper has been collected and sent for recycling up until February 2017.


IDEA calls for all students to get involved in the recycling process and set a good example of environmental stewardship for everyone!

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