14 March 2016

Another laboratory training session held for children

On 12 March 2016, another training session was held within “The Ecological Laboratory for Children” project jointly carried out by IDEA Public Union and “Sevimli Bala”.


Held before the forthcoming arrival of spring and the Novruz celebration, the training session focused on the awakening of nature, blooming of plants, revival of wildlife and other events related to springtime.


Young nature-lovers were informed about the photosynthesis process in plants, internal and external structure of plants, seed sprouting, benefits of plants, including fruit trees and medicinal herbs; they also learned how to look after house plants and got acquainted with various types of flowers.


In the course of the session, children also participated in interesting games, found out how to plant samani – the symbol of Novruz – and how to make natural perfumes from flowers.


Besides informing the children about the awakening of nature, the March session of the lab contributed to their early-age understanding of national traditions. 


To apply for participation at the “Ecological laboratory for children” project of IDEA Public Union, organized at the Resource Center located at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, please call IDEA at 497-63-16.

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