24 February 2017

The Ecological Laboratory for Children – February 2017

On 18 February 2017, IDEA and Sevimli Bala kids club concluded yet another great session of ecological laboratory for children.

During the session, which was devoted to the theme of nature and environment this month, the young environmentalists were taught about basic ecological principles, types of ecosystems, and classification of animals. Later, they were introduced to the Red Book of Azerbaijan and given fun facts about the animals of the country.

As for the experimental part of the session, children explored the effects of air pressure by causing an egg to be pulled into a bottle, observed how plants receive water up their stems by placing flowers into colored water, and created their own mini nature reserve.

~ ~ ~
The Ecological Laboratory for Children is a joint project that is being carried by IDEA Campaign and Sevimli Bala kids club for three years now, providing opportunities and resources to extend the children’s knowledge and awareness of the environment.
To participate in the sessions organized in the city of Baku and Ganja, please contact IDEA by telephone on the following numbers (for Baku: 497-63-16; for Ganja: 022-264-0148)

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