01 March 2018

World Cat Day


World cat Day is celebrated on the first spring day, 1 March, as suggested by Moscow Cat Museum in 2004 and approved by United Nations. Cat is one of few species that are able to live with humans and take it easy. This celebration is popular because cats has always been most widespread pets around the world: about 80% of global population have pets and more that a half of this number have chosen to keep a cat


This day is celebrated in different ways but most pronounced celebrations are held in Europe. Many countries organize actions to protect stray cats. These poor animals are taken to special shelters. Besides, numerous services for cats and their owners start every year on 1 March; special exhibitions, parks for walking, shops are opened, special garments and toys for cats are produced and presented, and cafes and hotels are opened where cats can be left for a short period with comfort.


Most people enjoy a company of these fluffy, sweet, graceful and very clever animals. Most important thing in relationships between a cat and its owner is mutual respect and confidence. Cats feel the owner's attitude unmistakably. Organize some celebration on the Cat’s day and your cat will feel your affection and will repay you for sure.

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