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“Ümumrespublika Yaşıllaşdırma” marafonu 5 noyabr 2014-cü il tarixində Heydər Əliyev Fondunun vitse-Prezidenti, IDEA İctimai Birliyinin təsisçisi və rəhbəri…
"Ağacların kəsilməsinə yox" proqramı Heydər Əliyev fondu və IDEA İctimai Birliyi ilə birlikdə həyata keçirilməkdədir.

Scientific seminars and field studies


IDEA regularly organizes trainings, seminars, viewings of films about nature, and other activities for young people that study ecology and sustainable development.

Descrtiption & Concept

Such events are held on a monthly basis at IDEA’s Resource Center.

IDEA’s education program pays special attention to academic training of young individuals who study and work in the environmental sphere. It regularly organizes scientific seminars and field studies on ecological issues in Azerbaijan and the region, including discussions on possible ways to address them.


The main purpose of these activities is to deepen their knowledge of the environment, help them focus on solving environmental problems and offer them experts’ views on these issues. 


The executive courses offer an invaluable opportunity for young specialists to take expert lectures and to attend practical trips to the appropriate sites. Every year hundreds of young professionals and students benefit from IDEA’s scientific program.


Announcements of activities are distributed through IDEA’s internet resources ( and


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