30 November 2020

World Domestic Animal Day


November 30 corresponds to the date of the international festival dedicated to all domestic animals. It so happened that this was originally a holiday - International Animals’ Day, is dedicated to all animals domesticated by man. 

But over time, this festival has another name - the Day of cats. Cats are a symbol of domestic animals, which is why this victory was the second title. 

Celebration of International Domestic Animal’s Day around the world has its own way. Someone in the day allows animals do all the previously forbidden acts: to tear wallpaper, chew furniture, ride on the curtains and there's even off the table. Someone must accompany the pet in a beauty salon, someone buys a lot of his favorite delicacies, while others simply give their full attention to their birds, waterfowl, or four-footed friend. 

International Domestic Animal’s Day is a reminder to mankind that they are responsible for those who have tamed. Always it is necessary to solve the problems of a large number of homeless and feral animals. To this end, created a special farm for dogs and cats, where the animals are sterilized, treat and provide well-fed age.

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