13 October 2018

IDEA Eco-scout project successfully continues

On 13 October 2018, active members of IDEA Eco-Scout Club, which recently reached 160 members, held “Waste to Art” exhibition at Park Bulvar Mall. Created from waste materials, the eco-scouts presented their artwork to public aiming to spread the message about the consequences of littering and the positive effects of recycling.


The exhibition included over 30 creative artworks made from used plastic products, egg shells, cardboards, newspapers, old fabrics, buttons and other materials.


Eco-scouts briefed everyone who approached the stand on the importance and benefits of recycling and its relation to a better environment.


At the end of the exhibition, participants watched the film “The Secret Life of Trees” at the Tusi-Bohm planetarium, and upon leaving they were given memory gifts from IDEA.


Active eco-scouts, who successfully completed the second stage of the project by surpassing 2000 points, were awarded the next status “Nature Guide” and received their new badges and certificates.


Earning eco-scout status awards takes a lot of dedication and willingness to work hard and try new things. The "Nature Guide" is the third out of 7 high titles to be earned by eco-scouts. Since the launch of our Eco-scout movement in 2017, the eco-scouts have been actively engaging in a range environmental activities, and making meaningful, sustainable changes in their lives and around themselves.


For more information on the Eco-scout project, registration and guidelines: http://www.ideacampaign.org/ecoscout/, Tel: +994 012 497 6316

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