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“Ümumrespublika Yaşıllaşdırma” marafonu 5 noyabr 2014-cü il tarixində Heydər Əliyev Fondunun vitse-Prezidenti, IDEA İctimai Birliyinin təsisçisi və rəhbəri…
"Ağacların kəsilməsinə yox" proqramı Heydər Əliyev fondu və IDEA İctimai Birliyi ilə birlikdə həyata keçirilməkdədir.

From Waste To Art


IDEA and “YARAT” Contemporary Art Space have carried out a joint project “From Waste to Art”. Around 3000 plastic bottles were collected andused for the construction of a decorative Christmas tree installed at Samad Vurgun street in downtown Baku.

Descrtiption & Concept


The height of this extraordinary Christmas tree was seven meters while the diametr was around 4 meters.


The authors of this “ecologically clean” tree are two British artist-designers.Nicholas Blake Sayers and Gleidon Mike Casey, known for their bold installations at exhibitions in the United States, Scotland, United Arab Emirates,  the Netherlands, etc.


The volunteers of IDEA and Yarat helped them to build this “plastic miracle”. The Euronews Channel broadcasted the presentation of tree on a December.


The basic IDEA of this design is to emphasize that atmosphere ,and not surroundings, is important on every holiday. So, in order to create a festive  mood, people don t necessarily need to destroy living spruce and pine. Even an artificial tree can create a festive mood as well as a live one.







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