02 October 2015

Scientific seminar organized on the subject of environmental management

As part of IDEA’s educational programme, a scientific seminar titled “Environmental Management” with the participation of Elman Yusifov, a prominent expert on protection of biodiversity, was organized at the IDEA Resource Center for students of the faculties of Ecology and Soil Science, Biology and Geology of the Baku State University. In the course of the seminar, interesting facts related to various fields of environmental science were shared with the participants.


Also, the presentation of the two-volume textbook “Environmental Management” co-authored by Elman Yusifov was held during the event. It should be noted that the chief editor of the published textbook is the Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and Director of IDEA Public Union Leyla Aliyeva.


The book covers all areas of environment, including eco-systems, biodiversity, legal regulation, contemporary global ecological problems and their solutions, international practices and other topics. Besides being a useful study tool for students specializing on environment, ecology and sustainable development, the book can be a significant handbook for people working in the aforementioned fields.


During the interactive seminar, the youth had an opportunity to engage in a first-hand discussion with professionals on issues of environmental protection.


At the close of the event, copies of the two-volume textbook “Environmental Management” were presented to the participants as gifts.


IDEA Public Union will regularly organize similar seminars for students at other institutions of higher education.

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