17 December 2014

6 months’ report of "No tree cutting!" program has been published

6 months’ report  of "No tree cutting!" program, which is jointly implemented by Heydar Aliyeva Foundation and IDEA Public Union, at the intiative of Leyla Aliyeva, the Vice-Preseident of  Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder of IDEA Public Union, has been published.

Citizens reach IDEA Public Union by using " First Aid to Nature" hotline (from all mobile operators or landlines - 1113), which was created in the framework of "No tree cutting!" program, in cases of illegal tree cutting. On the basis of incoming complains, IDEA’s mobile group examines the incident, collects additional evidences, photos and video materials on the infringement, and takes necessary measures along with relevant governmental agencies.

Within 6 months of the current year, 78 requests from Baku and Sumgait cities was entered to IDEA in relation with illegal tree cutting. Each request was separately considered and appropriately documented by IDEA Public Union and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Detailed information on each request on a tree cutting incident, as well as photographs taken on the spot, and appropriate documents prepared by official bodies have been placed on the website of IDEA Public Union (http://ideacampaign.org/first_aid_to_the_nature/). It is possible to get detailed information on the Program on the above-mentioned webpage.  

Administrative penalties were imposed accordingly to the act and protocols by relevant agencies, official requests were sent to the relevant bodies of executive powers in cities or regions, law enforcement agencies, to make necessary measures against the individuals and legal entities that allowed law violations.

More information on the 6 months’ report of "No tree cutting!" program implemented by IDEA Public Union can be obtained on http://ideacampaign.org/az/6_aylıq_hesabat.html .

IDEA Public Union expresses its deep gratitude to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, appropriate Executive Powers, and citizens for their support to "No tree cutting!" program.

Once again, IDEA calls citizens to notify about their complains on illegal tree cutting cases by calling 1113 hotline from all mobile operators and landlines.

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