02 December 2011

British environmental organization keen on land cleaning projects in Azerbaijan


British environmental organization Eco-Muslim seeks cooperation with Azerbaijan and plans to implement joint projects in environmental field, in particular, to clean up land from oil pollution. The statement came from founder and CEO of the organization Omar Faruk, who attended the international environmental conference held in Azerbaijan.


Over 100 young ecologists from 40 countries attended the conference on the ‘Role of youth in environmental government: present and future’ in Gabala, a mountainous district in Azerbaijan’s northwest. 'The process of cleaning lands from oil pollution in Azerbaijan will take much resources, efforts and investments', Faruk said “Eco-Muslim is interested in cooperation in this field”.


Oil pollution of lands is among the main ecological problems in Azerbaijan along with pollution of air, water resources, erosion of fruitful soils and reduction of wood areas. He said continuous dialogue and exchange of experience is a good ground for further cooperation.


The environmental conference in Gabala was held within the International Dialogue on Environmental Action under support of UN and international youth organizations. The campaign initiated by the vice president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva functions under slogan ‘Common Earth-common future.


“Azerbaijan and IDEA already attract specialists from other countries, people who have specific practice, experience and knowledge. We, in turn, are happy to assimilate the experience and practice of Azerbaijan for attainment of our common task”, said Faruk speaking at a conference as a moderator.


Protection of environment unites all people and religions, Omar believes. “I believe that it is a task for everyone, living on earth, to protect and safeguard our nature, which is a divine creation”, he said.

According to Faruk, the Eco-Muslim created in London four years ago admits everyone regardless of his belief. The organization was set to raise awareness of safeguarding environment and inform people about values and principles of Islam in this area. The Muslim community of Great Britain makes about 2,000,000 people. Today the organization accounts for 27,000 members. The organization recently released a brochure ‘Eco-guide on Hajj’ which recommends to pilgrims about possible reduction of influence on environment during hajj to Mecca.


In particular, Faruk urges pilgrims to take multiuse bottles and dish to reduce plastic wastes. He recommends taking water from springs. To a certain degree Eco-Muslim influences political decisions in Great Britain.


“We invite ministers and deputies of the parliament to speak at our events. Our initiatives were supported in the government”, Faruk said, ‘Eco-Muslim representatives are also invited to various departments to make speech and explain the importance of eco-principles and give recommendations.


“There is currently no opportunity for a wider participation in process of adopting political decisions in the government of Great Britain”, Faruk said, “But we are absolutely convinced that we will have definite resources for this. This is our goal”.


Faruk supposes that the developed countries bear more responsibility for the environmental system of the planet.


“However, I do not think that we have a right to impose our European integrated views to other countries in an attempt to curb their progress and development”, he said, “We have to find the right balance”.


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