24 October 2016

The Ecological Laboratory for Children – October session held

On 22  October 2016, IDEA Campaign, jointly with Sevimli Bala kids club held the October session of the Ecological Laboratory for Children project.

Dedicated to 2016 World Food Day, the session focused on the theme of good eating choices and healthy lifestyle.

During the training session, the children were informed about the benefits of healthy food cultivation, pest control, fertilizer and irrigation. Apart from learning how to read nutrition labels on products, kids witnessed the harmful health effects of junk food through amusing science experiments.

Additionally, a special guest from the Azerbaijani office of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) - Vugar Bayramov came in to give a presentation on global hunger and malnutrition and speak about how nations work together to insure nutrition and food security for all.

Besides offering an interesting and fun-filled experience, the lab has contributed to the children’s early-age understanding about the importance of ecologically clean products for human health.

The monthly ecological laboratories are organized at IDEA’s Resource Center located at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. To participate in the project, please call IDEA at 497-63-16.

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