14 December 2015

Maiming or killing animals to be penalized in Azerbaijan

The issue was included in the newly prepared draft of the Code on Administrative Offences of the Republic of Azerbaijan. According to the draft, a penalty of 500 AZN will be applied for inhumane treatment of animals that results in their mutilation or death.



The Code on Administrative Offences currently in force only includes fines for withdrawal from habitat or use of fauna objects without an appropriate permit. In such cases, physical persons are fined in an amount of 200 to 500 AZN, officials – 2000 to 2500 AZN, and legal persons – 5000 to 7500 AZN.



According to the new draft of the code, such acts as arbitrarily setting fire on dry plants in habitats of fauna objects, failing to comply with requirements pertaining to protection of habitats of animals and their conditions of reproduction, and violating guidelines on the limits to the use of fauna objects will be considered as cases of violation of rules on the use of fauna objects. Such violations committed by physical persons, public officials and legal persons will be fined in an amount of 500 to 700 AZN, 2000 to 3000 AZN and 5500 to 7000 AZN, respectively.

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